SDJB_Header_Loans Is a Collateral Loan Right for Me?

Is a Collateral Loan the Right Choice For Me?

Are you considering pawning your jewelry, watch, handbag, or other luxury item for a collateral loan? Pawning your item for a cash loan can be a serious decision. Our buyers are here to help you decide if a collateral loan is right for you. But, before you call or visit San Diego Jewelry Buyers® (SDJB), the following questions should help you to decide if a collateral loan might be right for you.

  1. Is your item worth at least $2,500?
    If you believe that your jewelry, high-grade watch, high-end designer handbag, or other luxury asset could be worth $2,500 or more, you might qualify for a collateral loan. Bring your item in to our downtown San Diego offices or request a Sell From Home Kit to receive an official appraisal of your item.
  2. Do you qualify for a traditional bank loan?
    If you do not qualify for a traditional bank loan, a collateral loan might be the right choice for you. San Diego Jewelry Buyers offers immediate cash loans for items valued at $2,500 or more. No credit check required.
  3. Are you starting a new business?
    Many new business owners need a large influx of initial capital, but may not be able to get a loan from a traditional source (like a bank or investors). A collateral loan is a fast and simple way to get the cash loan you need without a credit check.

Unsure if your item qualifies for a collateral loan? Call us today at 800-557-9413 to schedule a free consultation.

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The Process – Collateral Loans

If you do decide to request a collateral loan, you will first need to visit our downtown San Diego offices or request a Sell From Home Kit. Once you visit our offices or send us your item, one of experienced buyers will examine your item carefully and will determine its value. You will receive a free verbal appraisal that will contain important information about your item’s value and worth. Then, your buyer will offer you a fair cash loan price.

If you choose to pawn your item with us, we will issue your cash loan payment within minutes of the transaction’s completion. No credit checks, no waiting time. We will issue your item a unique barcode tracking number and will ensure that it is stored in the correct materials to keep it safe. While your item is in our possession, we will keep it in one of our top of the line security safes. These safes are located in our bank style vault, which is under 24/7 surveillance and is protected by two steel security doors that require fingerprint scanning for access. You can rest assured that your item is safe with us.

Once you pay your loan in full, you are free to retrieve your item.

Who We Are

SDJB is an A+ Better Business Bureau rated jewelry and estate buyer located in the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego. For 20 years, our buyers have been appraising and purchasing diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, antique jewelry, high-grade designer watches, high-end designer handbags, and more. Our buyers have a combined 50+ years of experience in the industry and are able to identify value in your item that less experienced buyers might miss.

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