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Sell Your Handbag on Consignment

If you wish to sell your high-end designer handbag for the maximum cash payout and do not need immediate cash, then selling on consignment is the perfect option. When you sell your high end designer handbag to San Diego Jewelry Buyers® (SDJB) on consignment, you can expect upwards of 30% more cash for your handbag then you would have received had you sold direct. And, we have perfected our selling process, so your handbag will sell faster than in a traditional consignment shop or online consignment store.

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The Process

When you visit San Diego Jewelry Buyers, you will be welcomed by a member of our staff and offered the beverage of your choice. You will then be led to a private buying area where you will meet with one of our expert handbag buyers. Our buyers have over 50 years of experience in the fine jewelry and luxury goods industry. They have worked as estate buyers, international jewelry dealers, jewelry designers, and diamond cutters. Their extensive experience and training allows them to see the true value of your handbag, and to offer you a fair cash offer to consign your handbag with us.

Your buyer will examine your handbag from every angle, paying close attention to the stitching, the quality of the leather, and the label. Once your buyer has completed his or her appraisal, you will receive a free verbal appraisal. This verbal appraisal will contain valuable information about your handbag, and will explain why it’s worth a certain amount. At that point, should you choose to consign your handbag with us, we will issue your handbag a unique barcode tracking number. We will place it in an appropriately sized Ziploc bag and then inside a cloth bag for double protection. When not on display, your handbag will be stored in a temperature-controlled, bank style vault. This vault is under 24/7 video surveillance and sits behind two steel doors that require fingerprint scanning for access.

Once your handbag is sold, you will receive a cash payment of up to 30% more than if you had sold your handbag direct. We will issue payment the same day that your handbag sells.

Who We Are

San Diego Jewelry Buyers® (SDJB) is an A+ Better Business Bureau rated estate and jewelry buyer in downtown San Diego. We are known for our excellent customer service, fair cash payouts, and friendly and knowledgeable staff. We believe that customers wishing to sell, pawn, or consign their fine jewelry or luxury goods deserve to be treated with respect and to receive important information about their item.

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