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Questions You Should Ask Your Jewelry or Luxury Goods Buyer

Selling a piece of jewelry or high-value luxury asset can be intimidating. Most of our customers have never sold jewelry or luxury goods before, and they are unsure of the process and what questions they should ask us and other buyers.

We are committed to consumer advocacy and believe that every customer should be empowered with information about his or her item. During your consultation, your buyer will offer you a free, detailed verbal appraisal of your item so that you have valuable information to take to other buying offices, should you choose to shop around. But, below are some initial questions that you will want to consider when selling your jewelry or luxury good.

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Questions to Ask When Selling Jewelry

Selling jewelry can be a serious decision, especially if you believe that your item is a high-value designer piece or an antique. We have listed a few questions that you should ask any buyer when selling your jewelry. For more information about selling jewelry, visit the Questions About Jewelry section in our Knowledge Center.

  1. What era is my diamond from?
    If you believe that you have an antique diamond, it’s important to know what era the diamond was cut in. There are 4 defined eras for antique diamonds: Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Edwardian. If your buyer says that your diamond is an antique, be sure to ask what era it comes from.
  2. Are you weighing my gold in grams or pennyweights?
    Today’s standard is grams. So, if a jewelry buyer weighs your gold in pennyweights, they may be giving you a lesser cash payout.
  3. What is the current demand for my piece of estate jewelry?
    The price that a jewelry buyer offers you for your estate jewelry should be based on the current demand for that type of jewelry. Be sure to ask for this information, or to do research ahead of time.

For more questions to ask when selling your jewelry, visit our Knowledge Center.

Questions to Ask When Selling Watches

High-value watches are unique and intricate works of art. Not just any estate buyer can correctly identify and value high-value designer and antique watches. Be sure to know the right questions to ask your buyer. For more information, visit our Questions About Watches section in our Knowledge Center.

  1. What is the set price of my Rolex?
    Rolex sets the prices of authentic new Rolex watches. Be sure to ask what this price is for your Rolex watch.
  2. I have the original box and papers for my Rolex or other designer watch. Will I get a higher price?
    The simple answer is “yes,” you should get a higher price for your high-end designer watch if you have the original papers and box. Be sure to mention to your buyer that you have the original box and papers.
  3. Should I refurbish my Rolex’s dial?
    No. Your Rolex watch will be worth more if it has the original dial, even if that dial does not look like new.

For more information about selling high-grade designer watches, visit our Knowledge Center.

Questions to Ask When Selling Designer Handbags

If you wish to sell your high-end designer handbag, be sure to know as much about your bag and its origins as possible. Below are some questions to ask your buyer when they appraise your handbag. For more information about selling handbags, visit the Questions About Handbags section of our Knowledge Center.

  1. What can you tell me about the stitching?
    High-end designer handbags are hand-stitched by highly trained and experienced craftspeople. Stitching is one of the easiest ways to tell a fake from a real designer bag, so be sure to ask your buyer to give you information about your bag’s stitching.
  2. Will I receive more cash for my handbag if I have the original packaging?
    You may be able to get a higher cash payout for your handbag if you have the original packaging the bag came in. Designers use very specific tissue paper, boxes, and other wrapping techniques for their handbags that can verify its authenticity.
  3. What can you tell me about the leather quality?
    Part of what makes a high-end designer handbag so expensive and valuable is the leather used to create the bag. While a knockoff or lesser designer handbag may be 100% real leather, the leather quality will not be anywhere close to a high-end designer handbag’s leather. Be sure to ask for information about your handbag’s leather quality.

For more information about selling a high-end designer handbag, visit our Knowledge Center.

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