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Why does SDJB pay more? Because unlike ordinary jewelry stores or pawn shops, our estate buyers specialize in buying pre-owned luxury merchandise. For over thirty years, we have been helping San Diegans and California residents get more cash for their fine jewelry, diamonds, gold, prestige watches, sterling silver, and other portable luxury assets. Our financial resources and global network of individual collectors and retail buyers means that we make better offers.

At San Diego Jewelry Buyers, we also take the time to fully understand your situation. Our professional estate buyers sit down with you and carefully discuss every issue. If the piece you’re selling is an heirloom item, we’ll look into whether SDJB’s cash loan service is a better option for you.

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At San Diego Jewelry Buyers you get all the benefits of the traditional jewelry store but with more cash (a lot more) left in your pocket. As San Diego’s #1 jewelry buyer, we have lower overhead, lower profit margins, and the biggest worldwide resale networks. That is why we attract thousands of smart San Diego jewelry sellers every year.

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Need information about how to sell gold, diamonds, and more in San Diego? Check out SDJB’s online Knowledge pages to become a better decision-maker when selling estate jewelry, Rolex watches, and other precious assets. Here are a few excerpts of articles that you can read:

Guide to Selling & Pawning Precious Assets

The best prices for fine diamond jewelry, fine gemstone jewelry, and designer gold jewelry are based on more than simple gold or gemstone weight. Ask questions of the estate buyer you are considering selling your jewelry to. Make sure the estate buyer demonstrates a clear understanding of jewelry materials, jewelry brands, and jewelry craftsmanship. Read more.

Guide: Sell Estate Jewelry in San Diego

Finding another consumer in San Diego to buy your estate jewelry is usually the most profitable avenue for selling your estate jewelry; but this often can be a time-consuming process. Before taking this avenue, you should put a price on what your time and energy is worth. Then evaluate if it makes sense to spend 10-20 hours or more, over several weeks, trying to find a buyer for your pre-owned jewelry, just to make a little extra money over what a good estate buyer would offer you. Read more.

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