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5-stars_whiteDebra H. – 12/18/2011

I found SDJB early this year online. I had a lot of broken jewelry and couldn’t decide if I wanted to melt it down and have something made or just sell it, I decided to sell it. I’m glad I went to SDJB I was a little nervous at first but once I got to SDJB everyone made me feel very welcomed. I was so pleased I went back just last week and sold some earrings that I hadn’t worn in over 5 years, now I’m off to find new earrings with the money from the old earrings. Merry Christmas to me lol. Oh they also offer free parking across the street (we all know how parking can be downtown), and the store is very secure. I would truly recommend San Diego Jewelry Buyers to anyone looking to sell their gold.

5-stars_whiteCindy A. – 12/15/2011

I’ve gone to San Diego Jewelry Buyers to sell my gold three times and will continue to go because they are the most honest and reliable company in buying gold. Out of curiosity I went to a bunch of other gold buyers in San Diego which said that they pay 4 times higher then other companies or that they pay the highest price for gold in San Diego, don’t you believe them, without a doubt San Diego Jewelry Buyers will pay you the highest price for your gold and believe me I did my homework. Don’t waste your time anywhere else and don’t be misled by all the advertising of these companies that claim that they will give you the best price because they don’t. San Diego Jewelry Buyers are the finest, the fairest and will truly give you the best value for your precious jewelry and gold. They give excellent customer service and even free parking in downtown San Diego. I also got a free massage for just doing business with them! Thank you Jewelry Buyers and with confidence I will recommend your company to all my friends and family. You guys are the best!

5-stars_whiteStephanie R. – 12/5/2011

From beginning to end it was great customer service. They have two free parking spots for customers, but if they were taken (which they were) they said they would pay for your parking (which they did). They had a security gate upon entry which made me feel very secure. It really legitimized the business. There was also a security guard who wasn’t over weight or ancient so that was also a plus. The rooms however were a little dull and lacked a friendly feel but they made up for it with their customer service.

The whole process was quick. The jewelry appraiser was swift but took his time in explaining everything he was doing and basically walked me through the whole process. After all was said and done, we decided on which pieces I was going to sell and the appraiser pointed into the direction of the payout office. I had to sign some legal documents, so if you were trying to get away with a fake name and a handshake deal, this is not the place. I also left my thumbprint to legitimize the deal. They pay out was in cash immediately following.

I was so pleased with the service that I even plan on returning.

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5-stars_whiteBy Kyle – Jun 2, 2011

This was an absolutely amazing experience. I met with Kameron and he not only bought some of my stuff, but also had a great and accommodating personality. I have to say it was not what I expected at all. Sometimes in life we are pleasantly surprised and it just makes the day little better. They were upfront and honest and very professional. I recommend this place first to anyone. I would check this place out first before going anywhere else. Thanks Kameron!


By frederick – May 22, 2011

I buy and sell lots of gold and jewelry, have been for many years. San Diego Jewelry Buyers is absolutely top notch. Kameron, the guy at the store when I go there most of the time, is absolutely polite generous and hospitable. He treats you like a valued client, important enough for his full attention whether you are interested in selling a $10 product or a $50000. The service is great and gold prices for buying and selling absolutely unbeatable. All in all, in my experience this store is absolutely the best as far as customer service, pricing and ease of experience. Thanks for the professional and friendly atmosphere Kameron, you’re the BEST!!! FB


By Jennifer – May 1, 2011

I had so many silver coins I couldn’t even take them out of my car! So the owner personally came out to my vehicle and carried the heavy bag of silver into his office. The San Diego Jewelry Buyers really knew how to earn my business.


By SkylersSkiing – Apr 29, 2011

My last experience selling gold went horribly wrong. I took my wife’s gold watch to a traditional jewelry shop in La Jolla and found out months after selling it, I only received 65% of the watch’s value! Nowadays I do my research before selling valuable treasures. Which is why I ALWAYS bring my Gold, Diamonds, and Silver to the San Diego Jewelry Buyers. They are extremely friendly, professional, patient, and continue to give me top dollar for my jewelry.

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5-stars_whiteBy Teresa – 03/22/2011

I’ll save you some time. This is the place to do business!!! Don’t even bother with the other local jewelry buyers. I shopped all local competitors and received hundreds more for my jewelry here than I was offered at other jewelry buyers. Some even advertise the great deals they give for your jewelry, but no one offered me more $$$ or was more customer friendly than San Diego Jewelry Buyers. I HIGHLY recommend them.

5-stars_whiteBy ragr2302 – 03/10/2011

I went into San Diego Jewelry Buyers a few weeks ago to sell some jewelry and was pleasantly surprised by the level of customer service I received from the minute I walked into the store. It can be very intimidating to go into a store to sell your jewelry, especially when you don’t really know what you are doing and what to expect- but the staff (from the owner to the associates) were very helpful and walked me through the whole process. After getting quotes from several other gold buyers, SDJB gave top dollar for my jewelry and I would highly recommend San Diego Jewelry Buyers to anyone who is wanting to sell or buy jewelry/designer handbags – I know I’ll be back for my next designer handbag purchase!

5-stars_whiteBy Likestolaugh – 02/27/2011

I was visiting from out of town with a friend and decided to stop by. Kameron and Christ went above and beyond to help us with purses. They showed us dozens of bags, were knowledgeable about the product and had a ton of patience. I ended up with a beautiful pink Chanel bag. I’m looking forward to visiting next time in town!

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Insider Pages Reviews

5-stars_whiteKyle K. – June 02, 2011

This was my first time selling. I was satisfied with Kameron’s superior service and positive attitude. It was above and beyond. I will come back and recommend to anyone. Very professional and compassionate. Your day will be better for interacting with these nice people.

5-stars_whiteval y. – May 15, 2011

I went in looking to sell some jewelry of mine. I visited other pawnshops in the area and this place had the highest buyback of all of them! I will definitely come back.

5-stars_whiteTim R. – June 30, 2010

I researched the topic selling gold via googled and read through several websites to get educated. I like the education value of SDJB’s site, especially the 7 key questions to ask. I then called three stores and asked those key questions and got a bunch of slimy answers except from SDJB who also provided the best price quote over the phone (they answered there own posted questions). We were treated by friendly, knowledgeable staff and I got a fair deal, more than what another store quoted. And, the free parking across the street from their store front downtown made it a painless experience.

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