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Questions About Selling Jewelry, Watches, & Handbags

Our customers all have different reasons for selling a piece of jewelry, a high-grade designer watch, or a designer handbag. But, every customer has questions prior to selling their item. Most people have never sold a luxury item before and don’t know what to expect.

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Click on the links below to get detailed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear.

  1. Do I Need an Appointment? Scheduling an appointment will ensure that you meet with the right buyer for your item and that you are in and out of our office as quickly as possible. Read More >
  2. How Do I Schedule a Free Consultation? It’s easy! Just call us at 800-557-9413 or fill out the form to the right to schedule. Learn More >
  3. How Does the Process Work? We have perfected our buying process to ensure that you receive the best, fastest appraisals and offers. Learn More >
  4. What Are Your Store Hours? Visit this page to see our complete office hours. Learn More >
  5. Can You Help Me If I live Out of State? Absolutely! Learn more about selling your item from home. Learn More >
  6. What Questions Should I Ask? We believe that every customer should be empowered to ask the right questions so that, no matter where they decide to sell their item, they are treated fairly and receive the best price. Learn More >
  7. What Items Should I Bring? SDJB buys all types of jewelry and luxury items. Learn more about our specialties and what items you should bring to sell. Learn More >
  8. How Much Experience Do You Have? Our expert buyers have over 50+ years experience in the jewelry and luxury goods businesses. Learn More >