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“Who will buy my antique silverware?” San Diego Jewelry Buyers® (SDJB) is the best place that buys antique silverware in Southern California. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a long track record of paying more for pre-owned and antique silverware.

We buy antique silver spoons. We buy antique silver forks. We buy antique silver knives. From complete vintage silverware sets to individual pieces of antique flatware and hollowware, SDJB is rated #1 among estate buyers who buy antique silverware in San Diego.

Our antique silverware buyers guarantee that we will buy your antique silverware for more.

Traditional San Diego pawn shops and jewelry stores can’t match the cash offers made by our antique silverware buyers. Let SDJB buy your sterling silverware today.

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Are you asking, “Who will buy my antique silver spoons for cash?” or “Who will buy my antique silver forks and knives for cash?” The San Diego silverware buyers at SDJB pay you immediately (in cash) for all of your antique silver flatware.

Our San Diego silverware buyers have been buying used and antique silverware and hollowware for over 30 years. Our reputation for big cash offers is why we are top-rated among San Diego estate buyers who buy silverware.

The process is fast and secure. Our antique silverware buyers will arrange a free silverware appraisal, then make you a substantial cash offer. No hassle, no obligations, no games. Just more of the cash you deserve for your antique sterling silverware. Join thousands of other smart silver sellers by selling your vintage and antique silverware to SDJB.

We have answered your question, “Who will buy my antique silver forks, knives, and spoons in San Diego?” Now let our San Diego silverware buyers get you more cash today!

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