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The following articles have been written and compiled by San Diego Jewelry Buyers’® expert staff to enhance your knowledge of diamond jewelry, and assist those who want to sell diamonds or obtain a short-term loan, with fine diamond jewelry used as collateral. If you have been saying to yourself “I want to sell my diamond” these articles should help you make an informed decision on how to sell a diamond.

How to Sell My Antique Diamond

In today’s knowledge article, SDJB’s diamond buyers will provide information on antique diamond cuts and answer the question “How can I sell my antique diamond?”.

What You Need to Know Before Selling Your Diamond

In this article, SDJB explains how to sell a diamond by covering the basics regarding the quality valuation of diamonds. Then we explain where to sell a diamond by showing why SDJB has become the diamond buyer of choice for thousands of fine jewelry sellers in California and across the country.

How to Sell Diamond Jewelry

If you want to sell diamond jewelry, use some caution and common sense. It’s easier to be taken advantage of when selling diamonds versus selling gold. The value of your gold can be estimated by looking at the day’s spot price on the gold market. The value of diamond jewelry is more subjective.

Understanding A Diamond Grading Report

Sometimes called a diamond certificate, a diamond grading report is one of the most valuable tools to have when you sell diamonds to a qualified San Diego diamond buyer. Read the above article to learn more about how to sell a diamond that is accompanied by a report.

How To Sell Diamonds to San Diego Buyers

In this article you learn facts regarding how to sell a diamond, such as how you are likely to receive a higher offer on your loose diamond if it has a branded cut which is highly sought after (for example, Hearts on Fire). Be sure to go to a San Diego diamond buyer who understands the added brand value of branded diamonds.

How to Sell a Diamond Engagement Ring

Here our expert diamond buyers have put together a list of tips and facts for women and men regarding how to sell a diamond engagement ring. Includes special advice for when to wait to sell diamond rings and wedding bands.

Sell Diamonds: Facts from San Diego Diamond Buyers

Those who own diamond jewelry or want to sell diamonds to a local San Diego buyer may find the following facts about diamonds interesting. As history buffs, we love all kinds of facts about the history of diamonds.

San Diego Guide: Sell & Pawn Diamonds & More

The United States has over 12,000 businesses that buy and sell estate jewelry, Swiss watches, and loose diamonds. Not all are the same. Read this guide before you pawn diamonds or sell gold jewelry to a San Diego pawn shop or second-hand jewelry buyer.

San Diego Luxury Pawn Shop Report

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