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The following silver articles have been written and compiled by San Diego Jewelry Buyers’® expert staff to enhance your knowledge of silver  jewelry, and assist those who want to sell silver or obtain a short-term loan with silver jewelry used as collateral. These articles should help you make an informed decision how to sell silver the smart way.

Sell Silver: Facts from San Diego Silver Buyers

Those who want to sell silver should know a few facts about the history of silver. For example, did you know that since the 14th century, Sterling Silver (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper) has been the standard for authentic silverware in many countries?

San Diego Guide: Sell & Pawn Gold, Silver, & More

The United States has over 12,000 businesses that buy and sell gold jewelry, silverware, silver coins, and more. Not all are the same. When deciding on whom to entrust with your gold or silver transaction, be selective, do research, and choose only those businesses that specialize and understand the current resale market.

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