Sell Your Tiffany & Co Jewelry

Tiffany & Co started in 1837 as a stationary and fine goods store in New York City with a uniquely American design element that separated it from the common European styling that was available at the time. Their designs drew from simplistic patterns and nature, appealing to a broad array of individuals.

In 1867 Tiffany & Co gained international recognition at the Paris World’s fair. They were the first American design house to be awarded the grand prize for their awe-inspiring silver craftsmanship. They were also the first American company to utilize the British silver standard, which Charles Lewis Tiffany encouraged the U.S. Government to adopt as the federal standard. Their prestige allowed them to create the first American school of design.

In 1878 the company expanded into gemstones, creating the preeminent Tiffany Diamond. The company later went on to create the engagement ring as we now know it, with raised settings to showcase the facets of the stone reflecting in the light.

Tiffany’s son, Louis Comfort Tiffany, took the family business into a new market, producing exquisite home goods in the form of china and stained glass lamps. Like other Tiffany & Co creations, designs were drawn from Art Deco styling and nature. Their incredible craftsmanship continued to impress well-known names and can be found throughout the walls of the White House and other impressive domiciles.

Tiffany & Co continues to be a name that represents a passion for quality and social responsibility. Since their inception, Tiffany & Co has promoted positive environmental and social impact for extraction of their fine silver and gemstones. They utilize their leadership role to encourage other businesses to practice these same core values. Both the company’s name and their well-known Blue Box have become symbols of their incredible craftsmanship that started it all.

This same attention to detail and passion is presented when you bring your Tiffany & Co jewelry pieces to San Diego Jewelry Buyers. Our goal is to make you feel as though you are the same royalty that Tiffany & Co has severed over their many years of service. We offer several options for your jewelry pieces.

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Sell Your Tiffany & Co Jewelry For Cash

Bring your jewelry to our downtown San Diego location for a complimentary verbal appraisal in our private buying areas. Our expert appraisers and trained gemologists offer fair cash price. You can be on your way with cash in hand in no time.

Pawn Your Tiffany & Co Jewelry For A Temporary Loan

San Diego Jewelry Buyers offers cash loans for jewelry valued at $2,500 or more. Simply bring your piece to our experts for a top-notch evaluation and verbal appraisal. Your piece will be issued a unique barcode tracking number and stored safely in our bank style vault with video monitoring. If you are satisfied, you will receive your loan immediately with no credit check required.

Sell Your Tiffany & Co Jewelry On Consignment

Your piece will be evaluated by our highly trained appraisers in a private buying room to provide you with a complimentary verbal appraisal. Utilize San Diego Jewelry Buyer’s expert selling techniques to acquire up to an additional 30 percent for your jewelry. Each piece is given a unique barcode for tracking. When your piece isn’t prominently displayed in our store, it will be stored in our bank style vault with constant video surveillance and fingerprint scanning access.

Sell Your Tiffany & Co Jewelry From Home

If you are unable to visit our San Diego store, we offer the ability to sell from the comfort of your home. Simply provide us with information about your jewelry and we will offer a free phone consultation. We will send you a Sell From Home Kit with an insured FedEx envelope and label to ship your jewelry to our store overnight. Our experts will carefully examine your piece to provide you with a complimentary verbal appraisal. If you are satisfied, payment will be issued within the same day. If you would like your item returned, your jewelry will be returned with appraised value insurance and overnight delivery.

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