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Hermès was first established in Paris by Thierry Hermès, creating harnesses and bridles for the carriage trade. Their logo of a horse and carriage reflects their roots. Over the years, Hermès has had a multitude of designers, many of who played pivotal roles in the company’s success. Since its inception in 1837, it has expanded to various high fashion clothing and accessories including ties, scarves, perfume, and handbags.

The most popular Hermès handbags are the Kelly bag and the Birkin bag. The Kelly was made famous after Alfred Hitchcock used it for a prop and actress Grace Kelly fell in love with it, bringing the Hermès name into the limelight. The Birkin bag was designed for actress Jane Birkin after a happenstance meeting with Hermès chief executive, Jean-Louis Dumas, on an airplane. Birkin was in need of a leather weekend bag and just so happened to be seated by someone who could assist her.

Each Hermès handbag is completely handcrafted, from the cutting of the leather to each stitch of the bag. Training for the craftsman position last over a year, after which the artisan can typically complete a single bag within 18 hours. Each piece of authentic animal leather is hand selected for its imperfections and then meticulously dyed to a desired color.

It’s clear to see why Hermès handbags are so well revered. Each bag truly is one-of-a-kind and our handbag experts will handle your bag accordingly. Hermès handbags are works of skillfully crafted art and will be tended to with the utmost care.

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Sell Your Hermès Handbag For Cash

Bring your Hermès handbag to our downtown San Diego location for a personal evaluation from our handbag experts. Your handbag will be inspected to ensure we provide you with the best price for your complimentary verbal appraisal. You are free to compare our offer to other stores but we are confident that you will return. If you accept our offer, we can have your sale processed with cash in hand so that you can be on your way in a few short minutes.

Sell Your Hermès Handbag For A Fast Cash Loan

At San Diego Jewelry Buyers, we offer cash loans on handbags valued at $2,500 or more.  Your handbag will be closely evaluated to ensure we are offering you the best amount available for your loan. If you accept our offer, your bag will be sealed and then placed into protective cloth for added security. Your Hermès handbag will then be stored inside of our video monitored and climate-controlled vault where it will be held until your return.

Sell Your Hermès Handbag On Consignment

By selling your handbag on consignment, you can earn up to additional 30% for the sale of your Hermès handbag. You will be provided with a unique scanning barcode for added security. When your handbag isn’t being prominently displayed in our store, it will be safely sealed for added protection. It will then be stored inside of our highly secured vault. Allow our expert sales process to earn you the additional cash you desire for your handbag.

Sell Your Hermès Handbag From Home

If you are unable to come to our store, we offer a convenient option from the comfort of your home. Simply provide us with information about your bag and we will provide you with a complimentary phone evaluation. If you decide to proceed we will send you a complimentary Sell From Home Kit that includes a shipping box and prepaid overnight label. After your bag is expertly inspected you will be provided with a verbal appraisal and offer. If satisfied, you will receive payment in a short 3-7 business days.

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