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Sell Silver: Facts from San Diego Silver Buyers

As San Diego’s #1 silver buyer, we here at San Diego Jewelry Buyers love all things silver. Those who own silver or want to sell silver to a local buyer might find the following facts about silver interesting.

1) A hoard of English silver acquired by Imelda and Ferdinand E. Marcos when he was President of the Philippines was auctioned in 1991 at Christie’s for $4.9 million, a record for a sale of silver.

2) By 269 B.C. Rome had adopted silver as part of its standard coinage, and the precious metal became the trading medium for merchants throughout the civilized world.

3) Since the 14th century, Sterling Silver (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper) has been the standard for authentic silverware in many countries.

4) From 1500 through 1800, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico were responsible for over 85 percent of the world’s production and trade in silver.

5) Today, Mexico is the only country currently using silver in its circulating coinage.

6) Modern demand for silver centers around three main pillars: industrial and decorative uses, photography, and jewelry & silverware.

7) Silver can achieve a more brilliant polish than gold because of its greater reflectivity.

8) Silver is the best electrical conductor of all metals.

9) Invisible silver is a transparent coating of silver on double pane thermal windows that helps us save energy.

10) The use of silver in high-performance bearings provides the wide margin of safety demanded by luxury automobile manufacturers like Rolls Royce and the producers of jet engines that power modern aircraft.

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