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10 Tips: Sell My Used Louis Vuitton Handbags

When it comes to used designer handbags, authentic Louis Vuitton handbags are perhaps the most popular item around. Thanks to the company’s exquisite craftsmanship and high quality materials, a well-cared for LV handbag could last a lifetime.

Because Louis Vuitton handbags are so popular, they also are a prime target for counterfeiters. The handbag market is literally flooded with fake LV bags, as well as misleading information supplied by unscrupulous sellers.

Here are ten quick tips that Louis Vuitton shoppers in San Diego need to know:

1) Upside-down LVs on the back-side of a Louis Vuitton handbag does not necessarily mean that it’s a fake bag. Some of the company’s handbags have this style.

2) Louis Vuitton never discounts their bags or offers irregular bags at outlet stores.

3) The countries where authentic Louis Vuitton handbags are made or have been made in the past are: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United States.

4) Louis Vuitton always uses the same distinct fonts on it handbags and labels.

5) The monogram on a Louis Vuitton handbag is nearly always placed in the exact same spot on the handbag.

6) Louis Vuitton never attaches tags to its handbags. They are always given separately.

7) Difference in bag details exist in vintage Louis Vuitton handbags. But contemporary LV handbags are extraordinarily consistent.

8) All modern Louis Vuitton handbags have a production code. Over the past fifteen years that code starts with two letters, followed by four numbers.

9) Never purchase a used Louis Vuitton handbag online from an online handbag seller who only accepts payment via money orders, checks, or BidPay.

10) For full protection when purchasing a used handbag made by Louis Vuitton, buy it from an established bricks and mortar seller like San Diego Jewelry Buyers.

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