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  • October 1, 2013
  • SDJB

Beware of Rogue California Gold Buyers – How to Sell Gold the Safe & Smart Way

If you are selling gold in California, please do so the smart and safe way by selling gold to a licensed gold dealer. As reported by KTVU News, rogue gold buyers have popped up in many places and may appear like legitimate businesses. These illegal gold buying operations put both the gold seller at risk and the community, because rogue gold buyers can easily cheat customers and their business fuels local crime.

To watch the KTVU special report on rogue gold buyers, please click the following link: Illegal Gold Buyers.

To learn how to sell gold safely and legally for the cash that you deserve, please see SDJB’s gold sellers tips at: How to Sell Gold.

Sell Gold: Facts from San Diego Gold Buyers

As San Diego’s #1 gold buyer, we here at San Diego Jewelry Buyers love all things gold. Those who own gold jewelry and gold coins or want to sell gold to a local buyer or gold refinery might find the following facts about gold interesting.

1) In 2002, Sotheby’s auctioned a 1933 Double Eagle gold coin for a record sum of 7.59 million dollars.

2) Fine gold can be beaten into sheets with a thickness of 0001112 mm. A pile an inch high would contain more than 200,000 sheets.

3) The modern term “carat” (the measurement for gold purity) comes from the word carob, because carob seeds were once used by Chinese merchants to balance their scales.

4) All of the gold in the world could be compressed into the area of an 18 yard cube.

5) It is harder to find a one-ounce gold nugget than it is to discover a five-carat diamond.

6) Gold is so heavy that one cubic foot weighs 1000 pounds.

7) The largest gold nugget in America was found in California and weighed 195 pounds.

8) The United States government banned private ownership of gold from 1933-1974.

9) Gold is so soft it is seldom used in its pure form.

10) South Africa is the largest producing gold country in the world today.

For information on how you can sell gold for cash today, contact San Diego Jewelry Buyers for a free, no hassle, appraisal.

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San Diego Tips: Why Sell Your Gold Now?

uring the past five years gold prices have rocketed from $400 an ounce to hover consistently around the $1000 an ounce range. Recently, it even topped $1,400! This means that you can recoup much of the retailer markup that you paid when you initially bought your gold chain, gold ring, or other gold jewelry when you sell scrap gold today with a San Diego gold refinery or sell gold jewelry with a dedicated gold jewelry buyer.

In addition, now is the time to Go Green in all aspects of your life to help protect the environment for our children. By recycling gold jewelry, scrap gold, and dental gold with SDJB, you are lessening the demand for increased gold mining activity around the globe. We are proud members of the NoDirtyGold campaign and the Ethical Metalsmiths.

Let SDJB show you why we consistently provide the best gold prices in San Diego, with offers that beat the heavily advertised, national gold buyers.


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For more info on how to sell gold for cash today, contact San Diego Jewelry Buyers for a free, no hassle, appraisal.

We are San Diego’s trusted A+ BBB rated gold refinery and gold jewelry buyer.

How to Sell Gold Jewelry to Gold Buyers

Note: Although the following tips on how to sell gold jewelry are for people in San Diego County, this guide is good for all who are looking to sell gold at the best price to their local gold buyer or gold refinery. Remember that all gold buyers are not the same. Educate yourself and get the most money for your gold jewelry, scrap gold, gold coins, and dental gold. You deserve nothing less.

1. Whenever a San Diego gold buyer quotes you prices in pennyweights, ask them to convert it to a gram price or be ready to make the conversion yourself (1 pennyweight equals about 1.555 grams). Be aware that some gold jewelry buyers make phone quotations in pennyweights as a way of sounding like they pay 1 ½ times more money than their competitors.

2. Always be sure that the price a San Diego gold buyer is quoting you is the actual price that they will pay you, and not the price that gold bullion is selling for on the commodities market. If the figure they quote you sounds too good to be true, it probably is. They are probably giving you the bullion price, and not the actual value of your gold. Always ask, “Is that how much you will pay me per gram?”

3. Make sure that the San Diego gold buyer separates the gold by gold purity and pays you according to the different karatage. He or she should be willing to test the gold in front of you, show you how the different gold types were determined, and pay you according to each gold type (meaning 10K, 14K, 18K, etc.). Remember that platinum is not the same as white gold. White gold is worth the same as yellow gold, but platinum is worth more.

4. If a San Diego gold buyer (or supposed “gold refinery”) offers to beat any price in town, try to figure out exactly what that means. Ask questions looking for a “catch,” such as will they buy all of your gold, or just choose the best pieces? Will they pay more for antique or designer pieces or give one blanket price per gram for everything? The important thing to remember is this: If they’re willing to beat any price in town, then why wouldn’t they just give you their best price to begin with?

5. Be careful when the offer that you were given over the phone changes dramatically after you get to the San Diego gold buyer’s office. Some gold jewelry buyers might give you a real high offer over the phone as a way of getting you to come in and see them. Then after you get there, the gold buyer might come up with various reasons as to why they have to pay you substantially less. Gold buyers who use this tactic count on a certain number of people who will go through with the transaction anyway. If the initial phone offer is reduced dramatically, the gold buyer should have a very credible reason for doing so.

6. Look for gold jewelry buyers with the most knowledge, as they are most likely to pay you the most. For example, a David Webb gold brooch from the 1970s might be worth 5-10 times its weight in gold. The average gold buyer won’t realize this. But a gold buyer like San Diego Jewelry Buyers will understand this and pay you the true market value for designer gold jewelry.

7. Be wary of San Diego gold buyers who are unwilling to make you any kind of offer for your gold jewelry, and insist that you tell them the price that you want for it. Fair and professional buyers of gold jewelry should be able to give you a fair and professional price, no questions asked.

8. Mail-in gold buyers may work for people who either never leave their homes, or live hours away from a reputable gold buyer, but research has shown that these gold buyers pay significantly less than local gold jewelry buyers. Sometimes what might sound like a good offer over the phone turns out to be less appealing after you learn about hidden costs, adjusted quotes, and things you didn’t catch in the fine print.

9. Don’t choose a gold buyer solely out of convenience. A little bit of research, and possibly a little bit of driving, could mean a lot of extra money in your pocket when you sell gold.

10. Don’t feel bullied into taking the first offer you’re given. Some San Diego gold buyers may try to hard close you by threatening to retract their offer if you don’t accept it now, or use other hardball closing techniques. If you feel like the transaction is confrontational and intimidating go somewhere else. Selling gold jewelry in San Diego should be comfortable and entirely stress free. After you sell gold, you should walk away feeling good about the experience and the amount of money in your pocket.

For more info on how to sell gold jewelry for cash today, contact San Diego Jewelry Buyers for a free, no hassle, appraisal.

We are San Diego’s trusted A+ BBB rated diamond and gold jewelry buyer.

Sell Gold & Spot San Diego Gold Scams

Ever since the “gold rush” began around two years ago, hundreds of “gold buyers” and “gold refineries” have emerged, seeking to capitalize on consumers’ desires to sell gold jewelry and scrap gold while gold prices remain high. Unfortunately, as with any kind of hot consumer trend, these new businesses often seek not to serve customers while making a fair and ethical profit, but to take advantage of consumers.

In San Diego and nationwide, we find gold buyers and refineries who prey on customers’ needs for quick cash, convincing them to sell their gold at prices far below what a reputable gold buyer would pay them. These unscrupulous buyers are in the gold buying business simply to make a fast buck while the gold craze lasts.

To help you sell gold without the risk of being caught in a gold scam, San Diego Jewelry Buyers, the most prominent San Diego gold buyer and gold refinery, offers the following tips to those looking to sell gold.

1) Beware of gold buyers who pressure you in any way to sell scrap gold or gold jewelry.

2) Be cautious of gold buyers who “lowball” you first, then when you decline, offer a slightly higher amount of for your dental gold or gold gift asset. Ethical buyers offer you their best price right from the start.

3) Be very skeptical of gold refineries and buyers whose ranking with the Better Business Bureau is lower than a B. Learn more about the company by reading any BBB complaints that have been filed and examine their online customer reviews via Google.

4) Walk away from gold buyers who do not make you a buying offer immediately on examining or receiving your used gold items.

5) Avoid gold buyers who do not test and weigh your gold rings and other gold jewelry directly in front of you.

6) Beware of gold buyers that don’t have a bricks and mortar office and exist solely online, as well as buyers and refineries who have no track record in the gold buying and jewelry buying business.

7) Don’t sell gold to online buyers who work via eBay or other online auction sites and have low (or little) customer feedback scores or who are located outside the United States.

8) Be extra cautious using mail-in gold buyers who do not insure your package for the full price of the gold or fail to provide a tracking number for shipment. Check the insurance and tracking details before sending any gold in the mail.

9) Be wary of gold buyers who say they are the best place to sell scrap gold because they are a gold refinery and eliminate the middle man. Some “gold refinery” gold buyers have been found by investigative journalists to pay among the lowest prices for gold. Research the gold buyer (be they a gold refinery or not) before doing business with them.

10) Beware of mail-in gold buyers that offer only a 10 day guarantee. This time period can be “gamed” so that they don’t receive your refusal and returned check in time to return your gold. If dealing with a mail-in gold buyer, look for a 30 day guarantee.

For more info on how you can sell gold for cash today, contact San Diego Jewelry Buyers for a free, no hassle, appraisal.

We are your trusted A+ BBB rated San Diego gold refinery and gold jewelry buyer.

Questions to Ask Your San Diego Gold Buyer

1. How will you weigh my gold, in grams or pennyweights?

REASON: Grams are today’s industry standard, so if a San Diego gold buyer says he will weigh the gold in pennyweights then he will be the exception. Those who weigh gold in pennyweights often give poorer buying offers, depending on their policy regarding the rounding of amounts. You should ask a potential gold buyer if he is at least willing to weigh your gold in grams and do all of the calculations in grams for you. This will make it easier for you to comparison shop.

2. How much are you paying per gram today for 14 karat gold (or 10K, or 18K, etc.)?

CORRECT ANSWER: According to today’s market price of gold, we are paying ___ per gram for 14K gold (or 10K, or 18K, etc.).
REASON: Some gold buyers and refineries will use deceptive techniques in order to get you into their store. For example, they might say, “Today’s gold price is ___ per gram.” Then when you come in they will explain that the price they quoted you on the phone was what they sell gold for, not what they buy it for. They do this in hopes of capturing a certain number of people who will still go through with the transaction despite the “misunderstanding.”

3. Do you pay extra for diamonds and gemstones, or do you deduct for the weight of the stones like some businesses do?

CORRECT ANSWER: With diamonds, it depends on the size, quality, and way they’re set in the jewelry. For example, if we are buying the jewelry for scrap and the diamonds are very small, of low quality, and set in such a way that it will be difficult to separate them from the gold, then we won’t be able to pay for the diamonds, since taking them out without breaking them could cost more than what they are worth. However, if they are of a certain size and quality, and can be removed from the piece without too much effort, then we will add for the value of the diamonds.

In the case of small color stones we use a similar criteria, except they will be worth substantially less in most cases. In the case of large stones of low-value, we either deduct for the weight of these stones, or take them out of the piece and value them separately. In the case of all stones of higher value, such as precious gemstones and diamonds, we will assess their value and add to it to the price we offer for the gold. In the case of jewelry that we do not plan to scrap, we would value the gold, diamonds, and gemstones individually to come up with the final price for the piece.
REASON: You should avoid businesses that say they deduct for the weight of the diamonds and stones, and leave it at that, since this is not a practical blanket policy. They should be willing to assess each item according to the more specific factors, such as those stated above.

4. Do you pay extra for designer gold jewelry? Can you please name a few brands that you pay more for?

CORRECT ANSWER: Yes. Tiffany, Cartier, and Van Cleef & Arpels, to name a few.
REASON: Whether you have any designer gold jewelry or not, it is useful to know that the gold buyer is willing and able to pay more for jewelry coming from a well-known designer, since that means he has the knowledge to buy your jewelry for the correct price it’s worth, rather than just following a blanket policy of paying so much per gram for the gold, since you just might have an antique Cartier or Tiffany piece in your jewelry box that you didn’t even know about (such as one handed down by a relative), and you want to work with buyers who can recognize such pieces, point them out to you, and be willing to pay you a premium for them.

5. How long have you been in business, and what is your background in the jewelry industry?

CORRECT ANSWER: There are several correct ways this question could be answered. As a rule of thumb, a San Diego gold refinery or buyer should tell you either A) that he’s been in business for over a year and has documented evidence of being involved in the jewelry industry (on the retail or manufacturing side) for over 5 years; or B) that he’s been in business as a jewelry buyer for over 5 years.
REASON: In rough economic times like these, there are hundreds of new people and companies getting into the gold buying business looking to prey on people’s unfortunate circumstances. These are the kind of businesses that immediately offer you a higher amount when you reject their first buying offer; and then a higher cash amount again when you reject their second offer. As with any kind of serious business transaction, you want to be dealing with proven professionals with expertise in their field so as to achieve the best results.

6. Are there any complaints listed against you with the Better Business Bureau?

CORRECT ANSWER: 1) We have no complaints. 2) We have had a couple complaints over the years due to misunderstanding but these have all been successfully resolved, as has been documented by the Better Business Bureau.
REASON: As mentioned earlier, there are lots of new San Diego gold buyers looking to take advantage of consumers’ lack of familiarity with selling gold. And one way to spot these companies is by checking whether the gold buyer you are considering has had multiple complaints filed against them. Misunderstandings can always occur, and you should never pre-judge a company simply because a single compliant has been filed, especially if that complaint was documented by the BBB as being successfully resolved. But if a company has been hit with multiple unresolved consumer complaints that should be a clear warning sign to you.

7. Will you pay me today by cash or by check?

CORRECT ANSWER: 1) We will pay you today in cash. 2) We will pay you by cashier’s check (this should only be accepted from an established San Diego gold jewelry buyer with a bricks and mortar store).
REASON: When you sell your gold, you should have cash in your hand TODAY. That is the industry standard among professional gold jewelry buyers. If the buyer says that they will give you a business check or personal check, search for another gold buyer.

For more info on how to sell gold jewelry and bullion for cash today, contact San Diego Jewelry Buyers for a free, no hassle, appraisal.

We are San Diego’s trusted A+ BBB rated gold refinery and gold jewelry buyer.

Best Place to Sell My Gold News Reports

The following YouTube posted news videos include tips on “how to sell my gold” and reviews of gold buyers that will help you get the most money for your gold jewelry, scrap gold, gold coins, and dental gold. All news videos seen below are from trusted news organizations. When you sell gold, more information means more money. So take your time, and make an informed decision when selecting a gold buyer, be it in San Diego or any city nationwide.

ABC News: “Fool’s Gold?”

An informative investigative report by ABC on mail-in gold refineries like Cash4Gold, and why should be the last place you sell scrap gold, dental gold, and gold jewelry.

WBAL TV 11 News. “Tips For Selling Gold Jewelry”

Investigative team discovers during a hidden camera investigation that when trying to sell used gold, you need to shop around first.

Money Talks News: “Sell My Gold By Mail Doesn’t Pay”

News program sent equal lengths of gold chain to different mail-in gold purchasers (Cash4Gold, TurnGold2Cash, and GoldKit). Guess how much they were offered? Not much. Gold selling tips.

CBS Early Show: “How to Sell Your Gold”

CBS reporter investigates how to get the most cash for gold and what gold buyers to avoid when searching for “the best place to sell my gold.”

For more info on how to sell gold for cash today, contact San Diego Jewelry Buyers for a free, no hassle, appraisal.

We are San Diego’s trusted A+ BBB rated gold buyer and gold refinery.

  • February 1, 2013
  • SDJB

What is the average San Diego gold buyer paying for a 14K gold ring today?

The average cash price that one can expect when selling a 14k gold wedding band to a San Diego gold buyer today (June 28th) is around $150. However, prices can vary depending on the brand, condition, and age of your gold ring. Certain gold rings from sought-after designer brands could be worth much more.

So to get a true estimate of the resale value of your gold ring, you should schedule a free market appraisal by calling our professional San Diego gold buyers at 800-557-9413. Our verbal gold ring appraisals are offered at absolutely no cost and no obligations whatsoever.