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Sell Watches: Facts from Used Watch Buyers

As San Diego’s #1 watch buyer, we here at San Diego Jewelry BuyersTM love all things about high quality timepieces Those who own Swiss watches or want to sell watches to a local buyer might find the following facts about fine mechanical timepieces interesting.

1) In 2008 a gold chronograph wristwatch by Patek Philippe called the “Trossi Leggenda” was auctioned by Sotheby’s for a record breaking $2.25 million.

2) Experts believe that the Egyptians were the first to invent watches, which estimated time by the flow of running water.

3) The first pocket watches were invented in 16th century England, and worn around the neck because they were so big.

4) Leonardo da Vinci drew a fusee (a cone-shaped pulley) for a clock. The system used in his sketch was later used in the watch industry.

5) In 1583 Galileo discovered that the speed of a pendulum swing depends on its length.

6) In 1790, Jacquet-Droz and Leschet introduced the first wristwatch in Geneva, Switzerland as a watch fixed to a bracelet.

7) The first wristwatch for men was invented by Louis Cartier, who created it for his friend Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont.

8) Breguet was the Russian Tsars’ timepiece of choice. A Breguet was also worn by Napoleon at Waterloo.

9) Sir Edmund Hilary conquered Mt. Everest in 1953 wearing a Rolex Oyster.

10) The Omega Speedmaster is the first and the only watch worn by NASA astronauts in their missions to the moon.

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Sell Rolex: Real vs. Fake Rolex Watches

Rolex is probably the victim of more brand copying than any other watch manufacturer in the world, with hundreds of thousands of fake “Rolexes” in circulation, and not just on city streets, but in used watch shops and online retail stores. Many used watch buyers are rightfully nervous when buying a second-hand Rolex, for fear of not getting the genuine article.

To increase your confidence in buying a pre-owned Rolex, San Diego Jewelry BuyersTM, San Diego’s leading buyer of Swiss timepieces, has put together the following useful watch tips. These tips are also helpful for those who want to sell watches like Rolexes but are unsure if their watch is authentic.

1) An authentic Rolex Oyster Perpetual has a screwed-back case.

2) Rolex Oysters are made from stainless steel, platinum, or gold.

3) A Rolex manufactured with gold is never gold plated, but is made with either 14k or 18k gold.

4) If there is rubber anywhere on the used Rolex (band or case) it is a fake.

5) Never buy a new or pre-owned Rolex from Craigslist or on the street.

6) The only Rolex watches that have day and date features are the men’s full-size watch.

7) Rolex does not use skeleton dials (ones that display the moving parts of the watch).

8) When you buy a Rolex use a credit card, which makes the watch easier to return should you discover that it is a fake.

9) Rolex does not make watches with a glass (see through) case.

10) A Rolex President is always made from one of the following precious metals: platinum, 18k yellow gold, or 18k white gold. These Rolexes can often command a high price from San Diego watch buyers.

11) Both new and used Rolexes should always come with a warranty.

12) Less than 10% of all Oyster Perpetual Rolexes have a quartz movement, so be extra careful when assessing the authenticity of this kind of watch.

13) Rolex has never manufactured its watches in China.

14) If you would like to sell Rolex watches, be sure to contact a qualified San Diego watch buyer who specializes in used Rolex watches and other fine Swiss timepieces.

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How to Sell Used Rolex Watches in San Diego

A Rolex is built to last a lifetime, which is why a used Rolex often commands such a good price from San Diego watch buyers. If you are considering selling your used Rolex, please keep in mind the following tips and facts provided by the staff of SDJB.

1) Rolex sets the prices of authentic new Rolex watches which may not be discounted by authorized dealers. But such price controls can not be enforced when it comes to the market for used Rolex watches; and this benefits both the buyer and seller of a used Rolex watch.

2) San Diego watch buyers like SDJB look for original Rolex parts when buying a Rolex watch. Non-Rolex replacement parts will lower the price for your pre-owned Rolex watch considerably.

3) You will get a much better buying offer for your used Rolex if it is being sold with the original Rolex box and papers. This is due to the serious problem of counterfeit Rolex watches.

4) A Rolex watch with an original band that remains tight and like new will bring a higher buying offer than the same used Rolex watch with an older looking, looser band.

5) Do not refurbish the dial of your pre-owned Rolex before selling it. The original dial is worth more than a refurbished dial, even if the original dial does not look like new.

6) Be sure you know exactly what material your used Rolex watch is made from before researching its worth, be it made from platinum, stainless steel, two-tone gold, or 14k/18k white or yellow gold.

7) Don’t be discouraged if your used Rolex is not working. A pre-owned Rolex that is not working often will receive a buying offer close to one for the same watch in working condition.

8) Those that plan to sell Rolex watches on e-bay are advised to:

a) Take a picture of your used Rolex, showing the serial number, before shipping the timepiece.

b) Use a Paypal account that is linked to a bank account with a $0 (or very small) balance to protect yourself from fraud.

c) If you suspect that the buyer is engaging in return fraud and has tampered with your used Rolex or replaced it with a counterfeit, open the package at the post office in the presence of a post office official.

d) If possible, show potential buyers proof of where you bought your Rolex watch.

e) Sell only to Rolex buyers who are located in the United States.

9) If you are selling your used Rolex to a friend or acquaintance that has concerns about buying a used Rolex watch, please have them read San Diego Jewelry Buyers’ article about Real Rolexes vs. Fake Rolexes.

10) If you need immediate cash for your used Rolex today, seek out a local fine jewelry and watch buyer like SDJB, who specializes in elite timepieces, and who has market contacts locally, nationally, and internationally. The larger the network of buyers your professional Rolex buyer has, the easier it is for them to pay you a higher price for your pre-owned Rolex.

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