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San Diego Gold Buyer Projects Strong Gold Prices

Although the U.S. economy and the dollar remain on shaky ground, many analysts are predicting that one thing will remain strong during 2010: the price of gold. One of those analysts is San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB). “In early December we saw the price of gold break the $1200 an ounce barrier, and ever since then it’s been fluctuating around the $1100 range, ” says an SDJB spokesperson. “The price is now starting to spike, and we may just see it breaking the $1200 mark again soon.”

According to SDJB, the strong price of gold can help consumers weather the current economic downturn in two ways. For investors looking to store their wealth, gold provides an attractive alternative to the stock market or real estate. And for consumers and small businesses seeking quick cash to pay off outstanding bills, now is an excellent time to sell scrap gold, old gold jewelry, or other used gold assets.

For those looking to sell gold, San Diego Jewelry Buyers consistently pays customers between 50% to 100% more than other gold buyers and pawn shops in the San Diego area; and as much as 400% more than some of the well-known national gold buyers who advertise on TV. “Our business model is based on low overhead, large volume, small margins,” says SDJB. “It works for us, and it works for our customers. We make enough to operate with a profit, and the end-consumer ends up with a lot more money in their pocket..”

But SDJB is quick to add that customers shouldn’t just take his word for it. San Diego Jewelry Buyers encourages people to shop around and do their homework, such as examining closely gold buyer reviews. SDJB also offers the following tips for finding a reputable gold buyer who will pay you top dollar:

1) Be wary of high-end retail stores in high-rent locations advertising to buy gold. The common misconception is that the better the location and quality of the jewelry store, the more money they have to pay you for your gold. Actually, the more overhead they have, the more profit they need to make on your transaction, thus the less money you will get for your used gold jewelry.

2) Call gold buyers by phone and get a feel for how they answer your questions. Most likely if the phone call goes smoothly (no telemarketing feeling, or snobby, or secretive voice on the other end), then your face to face transaction will also go smoothly.

3) Check out the gold buyer’s website. If it is sloppy and disorganized, then it’s likely that their business is too.

To learn more about selling your gold in San Diego watch KUSI TV’s special report, “Selling Your Gold? Don’t get scammed!”, where Emmy-award winning reporter Sasha Foo interviews Carl Blackburn about how to sell your gold smartly.

For more info, please visit or contact them at:

San Diego Jewelry Buyers
907 6th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-9603 – (800) 557-9413

San Diego Pawnbroker: Free Downtown Parking

As part of its continued commitment to friendly, personalized service that takes the worry out of selling pre-owned gold, diamonds, jewelry and high-brand watches, San Diego Jewelry Buyers has announced that it is offering VIP curb to office service to all potential clients. “It can be an annoying and intimidating experience for some of our customers to navigate downtown San Diego,” explains SDJB. “That is, they have to deal with all of the busy one-way streets they might not be familiar with, find and pay for a parking space, and then make their way to our office.”

SDJB has removed the hassle and cost from that experience, providing all customers easy instructions to their downtown office with free validated parking in front. The VIP appointment process for clients with luxury assets to sell or use for a collateral loan now includes the following steps:

1) The customer calls or emails SDJB to schedule an appointment, which normally can be offered the same day if desired (except Sundays and holidays).
2) SDJB instructs them how to get to their offices and reserves them a parking space.
3) When the customer arrives and pulls into a parking space, a staff member will immediately meet them at their car, and escort them into the SDJB office.
4) The VIP treatment then continues inside, where the client is treated to chilled bottled water and a coffee bar as their item is appraised in front of them and a generous cash offer or cash loan is made on the spot.

Whether or not we end up doing business with a client, our on-site market appraisal of their items is free of charge, as is our professional consultation on how best they can sell diamond jewelry and get the most cash for it,” says SDJB. “Our goal is that customers leave our office feeling good, not only about getting the most amount of money for their used jewelry, but about having enjoyed the entire experience.”

San Diego Jewelry Buyers’ dedication to customer service is readily seen in its many five star reviews on such sites as InsiderPages, Google Maps, and Yahoo Local.

To learn more about SDJB and their no credit check, no hassle, jewelry buying and luxury pawnbroker services, please visit or contact them at:

San Diego Jewelry Buyers
907 6th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-9603 – (800) 557-9413