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Alert: Unlicensed San Diego Gold Buyers

A recent KTVU special report has investigated an increase in rogue gold buyers operating in the Bay Area, which is putting consumers at risk. According to the KTVU report, rogue gold buyers can cheat customers out of a fair cash payment for gold, while fueling local gold jewelry thefts. Criminals are attracted to rogue gold buyers because they don’t maintain proper records or require customers to submit identification.

San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) has confirmed that rogue gold buyers are also a problem in San Diego County. Previously interviewed by KUSI TV in a news report on how to sell gold safely, SDJB states that legal gold buyers must possess a second-hand dealer’s license and follow mandatory procedures when buying gold from the public. These procedures include requiring photo identification and a fingerprint from the gold seller, using government-certified scales to weigh gold, and holding onto gold merchandise for 30 days before processing.

These rigorous steps ensure that licensed San Diego gold buyers are not buying stolen gold from criminals. “Some people believe that thieves use pawn shops and other licensed dealers to sell stolen gold,” says an SDJB spokesperson. “But that is a misperception. Criminals much prefer using rogue gold buyers, who (unlike us) are not licensed and regulated on the local, state, and federal level.”

SDJB also warns that rogue gold buyers operate through San Diego gold parties held at the homes of residents. “Any San Diego gold buyer who buys gold at your home is doing so illegally. Second-hand dealers may only buy gold at their permanent business residence. They cannot throw gold parties at your home and purchase gold from your friends.”

SDJB encourages all those who want to sell gold to use a licensed gold buyer like San Diego Jewelry Buyers, which is both a gold buyer and a San Diego gold refinery. “When you sell gold to a licensed dealer, you are protecting both yourself and your community. There are many gold buyers to choose from in the San Diego area. We always recommend people research the gold buyer online before making a final decision about who to sell gold to.”

For more information on how to sell gold safely and lawfully, please visit

Where to Sell Silver Coins & Jewelry

With the price of silver at or near record levels, many San Diegans are asking where to sell silver in San Diego. San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) has recently published an in-store book that answers that question and others. “When new silver sellers walk into our offices and showroom, they are asking themselves more than ‘Where can I sell silver in San Diego,’” says an SDJB spokesperson. “They are also wondering, ‘Where is the BEST place to sell silver?’ Our new in-store book provides very specific details on why we and our customers believe that SDJB is the best place to sell silver jewelry, sell silver coins, and sell sterling silverware, like flatware and holloware.”

In San Diego Jewelry Buyers’ new in-store book, people can read many of the over one-hundred 5 star customer reviews that SDJB has earned. These positive reviews have appeared on Google Reviews, Yahoo Reviews, Yelp, and Insider Pages. The reviewers include San Diegans who have had a great experience selling silver with the company, as well as customers who have gotten more cash for gold and other luxury gift assets with SDJB.

One satisfied SDJB customer writes: “When looking to sell some jewelry, I looked online and found a few places in San Diego. I went to another store before going to SDJB. I was pleasantly surprised when I got there and was offered twice as much as the previous store front I went to!”

San Diego Jewelry Buyers is recognized for more than just high cash offers; they are an A+ BBB silver buyer well known for exceptional customer service, as revealed by another customer’s review: “I had so many silver coins I couldn’t even take them out of my car! So the owner personally came out to my vehicle and carried the heavy bag of silver into his office. San Diego Jewelry Buyers really knew how to earn my business.”

While browsing SDJB’s in-store book for silver sellers, potential customers can also read about the company’s extensive media coverage. San Diego Jewelry Buyers has earned wider local and national press coverage than any other silver buyer in Southern California, regularly appearing in such publications as the San Diego Union-Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Daily News, the Miami Herald, and CBS’s MoneyWatch.

Silver Sellers can also learn about San Diego Jewelry Buyers’ position as the only silver buyer in San Diego with a silver refinery that refines silver locally. By cutting out the middle-man, SDJB can thus pay more cash to San Diegans who are selling silver jewelry, silver bullion, and old silver dollars and dimes that are going to be melted down. Thanks to SDJB’s 30+ years experience as a luxury estate buyer, the company also pays more cash for designer silver merchandise, such as Tiffany silver jewelry and sterling silver flatware from makers such as Cambridge, Lenox, Gorham, and Oneida.

San Diegans asking where to sell silver don’t need to go to SDJB’s store to read the contents of their new in-store book. All of SDJB’s customer reviews, media coverage, and business information can be read online by going to their website For more information on how to sell silver for more cash, call SDJB toll free at 800-557-9413

SDJB Acquires Rare 18K Montblanc Pen

San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB), Southern California’s luxury pawn shop, has just announced the purchase of an extraordinary Montblanc fountain pen: a White House Limited Edition Solid Gold Skeleton. Crafted in 18k white gold, the fountain pen’s design takes its inspiration from the architecture of the White House. “This Montblanc pen is a very precious and elegant reminder of the ideals that have made the United States a great country,” says an SDJB spokesperson.

Montblanc’s White House fountain pen features 18K white-gold trim that represent the columns of the historic house of American presidents. The shimmering barrel is made of light blue transparent precious resin and draws its inspiration from the blue room, the main reception room in the White House, while the 19K white-gold cap ring with square-cut diamonds is a fascinating miniature reproduction of the south balcony. The head of an eagle with sapphire eyes links the ring to the clip, the tip of which is also set with a sapphire. The rhodium plated 18 carat gold nib is symbolic of the United States of America.

To honor the nation’s presidents, Montblanc limited the fountain pens of The White House Limited Edition Solid Gold Skeleton to 43–the number of American presidents to have held office by 2003, when the pens were created. “These pens created a big stir among Montblanc collectors when they were released eight years ago and they have steadily and significantly increased in value,” says SDJB. In 2008, a Montblanc White House fountain pen was sold at a Christie’s auction for $26,250. Today, the value has grown even higher.

The Montblanc pen is one of several important purchases that San Diego Jewelry Buyers has made during the past few months. Among its other prominent buys was a rare Van Cleef & Arpels pendant and earrings set that included flawless diamonds and multi-carat Columbian emeralds. Purchases such as these have solidified SDJB’s reputation as Southern California’s premier buyer of important jewels and objets d’ art. The luxury pawnbroker also offers collateral cash loans of up to $250,000 on these luxury items.

San Diego Jewelry Buyers expects to sell the Montblanc White House fountain pen at an upcoming Christie’s auction. However, Montblanc collectors may make an offer today by calling SDJB toll free at 800-557-9413. The company’s luxury pawn shop is located in the downtown San Diego Gaslamp and is open weekdays until 6pm and Saturdays until 5pm.

Located in the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego, SDJB leverages over 30 years of industry experience and fine jewelry expertise to make certain that customers receive the fairest cash offers and loans for their diamond/gemstone jewelry and premiere brand watches. Serving La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, Carlsbad and other surrounding communities.