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Best Place to Sell My Gold News Reports

The following YouTube posted news videos include tips on “how to sell my gold” and reviews of gold buyers that will help you get the most money for your gold jewelry, scrap gold, gold coins, and dental gold. All news videos seen below are from trusted news organizations. When you sell gold, more information means more money. So take your time, and make an informed decision when selecting a gold buyer, be it in San Diego or any city nationwide.

ABC News: “Fool’s Gold?”

An informative investigative report by ABC on mail-in gold refineries like Cash4Gold, and why should be the last place you sell scrap gold, dental gold, and gold jewelry.

WBAL TV 11 News. “Tips For Selling Gold Jewelry”

Investigative team discovers during a hidden camera investigation that when trying to sell used gold, you need to shop around first.

Money Talks News: “Sell My Gold By Mail Doesn’t Pay”

News program sent equal lengths of gold chain to different mail-in gold purchasers (Cash4Gold, TurnGold2Cash, and GoldKit). Guess how much they were offered? Not much. Gold selling tips.

CBS Early Show: “How to Sell Your Gold”

CBS reporter investigates how to get the most cash for gold and what gold buyers to avoid when searching for “the best place to sell my gold.”

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