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How San Diego Jewelry Shoppers Can Go Green

In its latest knowledge building article for buyers and sellers of fine jewelry, timepieces, and other luxury goods, San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) offers eco-friendly tips to jewelry shoppers. Titled “Going Green: What Jewelry Shoppers Can Do,” the article is in keeping with SDJB’s commitment to promoting actions that protect the environment and the health of local communities.

A strong supporter of socially conscious groups and practices such as the Ethical Metalsmiths, NoDirtyGold campaign, and Fair Trade Gems, SDJB has long said that the recycling gold, diamonds, and fine jewelry is one small way that everyone can work toward reducing the need for increased diamond and precious metal mining. In its new article, SDJB offers additional advice on how jewelry shoppers can be environmentally friendly. For example:

1) When considering buying fine jewelry from a particular designer or jewelry brand, check online what statements they have made regarding where they source their gold and gemstones, and what (if any) recycling measures they take. Also research where their jewelry is made and what steps they have taken to ensure fair labor practices. Or ask your jeweler for this information. If you can’t find anything out, choose a different designer or brand.

2) Support local fine jewelry artisans who manufacture their own jewelry and can better control the process of fine jewelry making and the sourcing of their materials.

3) Have your engagement ring set with an estate diamond rather than a new diamond. A diamond, after all, is forever, and will have not lost its beauty and luster. Be sure though to purchase such diamonds from a reputable and established diamond buyer who can ensure the authenticity and quality of the diamond.

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