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Is My Used Handbag Authentic or a Knockoff?

If you want to sell handbags or purses to a professional used handbag buyer such as San Diego Jewelry Buyers, the first step is to make sure that your designer item is authentic. If you did not purchase your ladies handbag from an authorized brick-and-mortar retailer, then checking the authenticity is especially important. If you are unsure about the authenticity of your handbag or purse there are a few simple things* that you can check before coming to San Diego Jewelry Buyers and having us thoroughly inspect your pre-owned designer handbag free of charge.

San Diego Tips: Is My Used Designer Handbag Authentic?

1) Check the stitching. One reason high-end handbags from brands like Hermes and Prada cost so much is that they are very carefully made by highly trained craftspeople. Check the stitching in spots not easy to see and look for sloppiness, unraveling, and/or inconsistency. The color of the stitching should be the same everywhere. Also check the overall complexity of the stitching pattern. If your used handbag looks stitched together in a very simple pattern, then it is likely a knockoff.

2) Check the materials. While some knockoffs are made from real leather, the quality of the leather is not equal to that of a designer bag from say Fendi or Louis Vuitton. The leather of a faux designer purse tends to be stiffer, slicker, and/or shinier. It will often also show discoloration and have an uneven look or texture. If you see crackles in the “leather” of your wallet or purse, that’s a bad sign. If your pre-owned handbag feels rather light, that’s not a good sign either, as this means it likely has been made with plastic.

3) Check the label. Check for any misspellings or other mistakes in the appearance of the label (such as words running together) on your pre-owned handbag. A label on an authentic designer handbag is stitched on very well, the imprint is strong and easy to read, and it is made from high quality material. Also check the point of origin listed on the label or tag. Luxury European purses are not manufactured in Asian countries like China or Taiwan.

4) Check the packaging. If you no longer have the original packaging, think back to when you bought your handbag or purse. The wrapping paper, tissues, box, and shopping bag should have had a very luxurious feel, as authentic bags are always packaged in a luxurious manner that matches the high price tag.

5) Check the zippers and snaps. The zipper(s) or your used purse or handbag should work flawlessly and the teeth be perfectly aligned. The metal snaps and buttons should be tightly secured to the bag and stay firmly attached when snapped together.

*Keep in mind that these are just basic tips. Knockoff designer handbags are becoming more and more difficult to detect easily. If your used handbag or purse passes the above inspection, then please do come down to SDJB and let us give it a full authenticity inspection. If it is genuine, we will give you an excellent cash offer on the spot.

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