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KUSI TV Talks to San Diego’s #1 Gold Buyer

KUSI News, San Diego County’s most-watched television news station, has delivered a special report titled “Selling your gold? Don’t get scammed!” Conducted by Emmy award winning reporter and former CNN anchor Sasha Foo, the report on San Diego gold buyers and gold refineries provides useful information for San Diegans thinking about selling their gold jewelry, gold chains, gold coins, and other gold items.

Sasha Foo explains that while legitimate gold buyers operate in San Diego, others are not as “straight up.” According to the special report, one less-than-straight San Diego gold buyer is the nationally advertised Cash4Gold, who ran a TV ad during the Super Bowl this year. Sasha Foo reports that Cash4Gold has received a basement level grade of D- minus from the Better Business Bureau.

To learn more about the complaints lodged against Cash4Gold, Foo interviews Sheryl Bilbry, a BBB staff member in San Diego, who identifies some of the problems which Cash4Gold customers have reported:

“They told me that my gold never got there; they told me that within 10 days I could get my gold back, I can’t get them to send it back; they didn’t send me as much money as they told me they we’re going to send me. So a lot of misleading activity going on with that particular company.”

In contrast to Cash4Gold, San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) is presented as one of the legitimate gold buyers operating in San Diego. Foo interviews SDJB’s owner who tells gold sellers that the selling process should simple and straightforward:

“When you are calling on the phone trying to get a per gram price for the day that you are coming in, if the person on the other line doesn’t want to give information, that should be a red flag… Don’t be bullied. Transactions should be comfortable.”

To learn more about the gold buyer San Diego Jewelry Buyers and their gold refinery service, please visit or contact them at:

San Diego Jewelry Buyers
907 6th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-9603 – (800) 557-9413