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San Diego Pawnbroker Offers Large Bridge Loans

The luxury pawn brokers at San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) are reporting increasing numbers of collateral bridge loans to San Diego County’s high net worth entrepreneurs and small business owners. According to an SDJB spokesperson, the increase is not only because the tight economy is causing some local businesses to see fewer customers but that traditional lending institutions are pulling back on the availability of bank loans.

“We are finding more small business owners coming to see us to temporarily pawn jewelry, diamonds, or watches simply because they need the liquidity to operate their business as usual,” says SDJB. “In the past, their banks would have supplied them with these short term loans, but today such loans are harder to come by. Fortunately our San Diego pawnbroker service gives local businesses access to bridge loans they need.”

San Diego Jewelry Buyers’ convenient downtown location and its high end service that caters to the needs of affluent clients has helped the company avoid the negative perceptions that sometimes are associated with doing business at an ordinary pawn shop. Blackburn explains that if someone were to refer to SDJB as simply “a pawn shop” that would be like calling a Patek Philippe “just a wristwatch.” The company is better described as a luxury lender on collateral, one with more than thirty years experience providing generous valuations on large carat diamonds, rare timepieces, estate jewelry, and other items.

The process for receiving a collateral loan is easy. A customer simply brings in the item they wish to pawn. SDJB staff will then immediately appraise the item while the customer waits. A cash loan based on the hard market value of the item will then be offered on the spot, or the customer may chose to have SDJB buy the item outright. No credit check is ever required, nor does the company submit any information to credit reporting agencies. If a customer decides not repay a loan on their collateral, SDJB simply assumes ownership of the pawned item.

If someone has a valuable luxury item (such as a vintage Rolex watch or a Tiffany diamond necklace) that they would like to pawn, San Diego Jewelry Buyers encourages customers to call (619) 236-9603 to schedule an appointment. Out of town clients may call them toll free at: 800-557-9413. Potential customers should note that pawned items must have a hard market value of at least $2,500 to qualify for a loan. They can borrow up to $250,000 with qualified collateral from SDJB’s pawnbrokers.

“Privacy, comfort, and understanding are what we give our clients; in addition of course to simple and fast cash loans,” says SDJB. “We are a small San Diego business too, so we understand the concerns and needs of our neighbors in the business community. We are here to help.”

To learn more about SDJB’s luxury pawnbroker service, read customer testimonials, and view a TV news report which features the company, please visit them at: Pawn or sell gold, diamonds, Rolex watches and other precious assets for cash:

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