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San Diego Platinum & Silver Buyer Buying More

Over the past year, pawn shops and jewelry buyers across the country have seen a gold rush, with cash-strapped consumers looking to capitalize on the high price of gold by selling their scrap gold and outdated gold jewelry. Luxury pawnbroker San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) now reports that an increasing number of men and women are coming to SDJB to sell or pawn silver and platinum jewelry, watches, coins, and other items fashioned from these precious white metals.

“Gold gets all the publicity, because the price has skyrocketed and so many people have gold tucked away in their drawers and jewelry boxes,” says an SDJB spokes. “But for those who have products made from silver, platinum, or its sister metal palladium, now is an excellent time to be selling these items, as well.”

According to SDJB, platinum prices have been hovering around $1,500 per ounce for the past sixty days, a level which provides an excellent return when they sell platinum rings, necklaces, and earrings. Meanwhile palladium, platinum’s cheaper sister metal, which is used not only to make fine jewelry but also the catalytic converters found in car engines, has seen its price rise above $400 per ounce, double the price it was commanding last January (’09).

SDJB says that even customers sell silver at the current price range of $16 per ounce (which is double what it was five years ago) can put hundreds of dollars in a customer’s pocket if they have enough sterling silver, or if the silver item is a branded product from a well-known designer such as Georg Jensen, Gorham, David Yurman, or John Hardy.

“When it comes to used silver, remember that sterling silver flatware and dinnerware sets usually bring in the most money because they end up weighing so much,” says SDJB. Weight though is not the only factor that San Diego Jewelry Buyers uses to determine the price of sterling silver flatware. Other factors include the make, year, design, and whether the silverware set is a complete one or not. Customers also should note that the total value of the pre-owned silver they are selling must be at least $50 for SDJB to make a buying offer.

San Diego Jewelry Buyers encourages those who have valuable silver, platinum, or palladium to call the company toll free at 800-557-9413 to schedule an appointment and receive a free consultation. For more information about SDJB, please visit or contact them at:

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