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San Diego’s Gold Buyer Talks About His Business

In a new media interview posted on San Diego Jewelry Buyers’ website, owner discusses various aspects of his company’s business, including the impact that its gold, jewelry, and diamond buying service has on the San Diego economy. A veteran jewelry designer, as well as a buyer of pre-owned luxury items, he sees San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) as making a positive contribution to both individual San Diegans, as well as the local economy as a whole. Well-known in California, SDJB’s owner also was interviewed recently by KUSI TV’s Sasha Foo for his advice on how to sell gold jewelry.

The new interview appears in the “Knowledge” section of the SDJB website, an area which is dedicated to providing consumers with useful information about how to sell smartly precious assets such as silver, gold, fine jewelry, and watches. The following is an excerpt from the interview:

San Diego Jewelry Buyers has been in the gold, jewelry, and watch buying business for some thirty years. In these difficult financial times, what role do you see your company fulfilling with regard to the larger San Diego economy?

CB: Every day, San Diegans bring me items which have been lying around in a dresser or safe deposit box, and trade it in for cash. Yesterday a woman in her 80s traded in her scraps of old gold for about $1800, and said she was going straight to Best Buy to get a brand new flat screen TV and home theatre for her apartment. All things considered, I think she’ll get a lot more enjoyment from that TV entertainment center, than she was getting from some old broken gold jewelry that had been lying around in her dresser drawer for 30-40 years. I joked with her that if someone ever breaks into her apartment, the gold would have been a lot easier to make off with than the new giant flat screen TV mounted to her wall!

So you are saying that San Diego Jewelry Buyers helps customers realize wealth they might otherwise have forgotten about?

CB: In many cases, yes. But it also is more than that. When people find out that they have un-tapped wealth sitting in their drawers and cabinets, wealth that can be transferred into quick discretionary income, this feeds the local economy. Money is moved, circulated, spent, and re-generated through all the businesses that the customers patronize with their sudden “windfall”. In addition, taxes are paid on all of these new transactions, thus supporting local, state, and federal government services.

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