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Sell Gold & Spot San Diego Gold Scams

Ever since the “gold rush” began around two years ago, hundreds of “gold buyers” and “gold refineries” have emerged, seeking to capitalize on consumers’ desires to sell gold jewelry and scrap gold while gold prices remain high. Unfortunately, as with any kind of hot consumer trend, these new businesses often seek not to serve customers while making a fair and ethical profit, but to take advantage of consumers.

In San Diego and nationwide, we find gold buyers and refineries who prey on customers’ needs for quick cash, convincing them to sell their gold at prices far below what a reputable gold buyer would pay them. These unscrupulous buyers are in the gold buying business simply to make a fast buck while the gold craze lasts.

To help you sell gold without the risk of being caught in a gold scam, San Diego Jewelry Buyers, the most prominent San Diego gold buyer and gold refinery, offers the following tips to those looking to sell gold.

1) Beware of gold buyers who pressure you in any way to sell scrap gold or gold jewelry.

2) Be cautious of gold buyers who “lowball” you first, then when you decline, offer a slightly higher amount of for your dental gold or gold gift asset. Ethical buyers offer you their best price right from the start.

3) Be very skeptical of gold refineries and buyers whose ranking with the Better Business Bureau is lower than a B. Learn more about the company by reading any BBB complaints that have been filed and examine their online customer reviews via Google.

4) Walk away from gold buyers who do not make you a buying offer immediately on examining or receiving your used gold items.

5) Avoid gold buyers who do not test and weigh your gold rings and other gold jewelry directly in front of you.

6) Beware of gold buyers that don’t have a bricks and mortar office and exist solely online, as well as buyers and refineries who have no track record in the gold buying and jewelry buying business.

7) Don’t sell gold to online buyers who work via eBay or other online auction sites and have low (or little) customer feedback scores or who are located outside the United States.

8) Be extra cautious using mail-in gold buyers who do not insure your package for the full price of the gold or fail to provide a tracking number for shipment. Check the insurance and tracking details before sending any gold in the mail.

9) Be wary of gold buyers who say they are the best place to sell scrap gold because they are a gold refinery and eliminate the middle man. Some “gold refinery” gold buyers have been found by investigative journalists to pay among the lowest prices for gold. Research the gold buyer (be they a gold refinery or not) before doing business with them.

10) Beware of mail-in gold buyers that offer only a 10 day guarantee. This time period can be “gamed” so that they don’t receive your refusal and returned check in time to return your gold. If dealing with a mail-in gold buyer, look for a 30 day guarantee.

For more info on how you can sell gold for cash today, contact San Diego Jewelry Buyers for a free, no hassle, appraisal.

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