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Sell Gold to SDJB: We Stand by Our Reputation

As more gold buyers emerge and flood the market with competing claims, promises, and challenges, San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) continues to stand by its reputation as San Diego’s trusted buyer of gold, diamonds, timepieces, and designer handbags.

“Over the past few years, local and national news media have well-documented the misleading and often false claims that some gold buyers make,” says San Diego Jewelry Buyers. “That is why our reputation matters so much to us and our customers. When someone comes to SDJB to sell gold, they know that they’re dealing with San Diego’s most recognized gold buyer.”

Since the start of the new “gold rush”, San Diego Jewelry Buyers has appeared in newspapers ranging from the San Diego Union-Tribune, Hollywood Reporter, and San Francisco Chronicle to the Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, and Miami Herald. In addition, SDJB has appeared on CBS MoneyWatch, and featured in a special KUSI-TV gold buyers report by former CNN anchor Sasha Foo, where he informed consumers selling gold how not to get scammed.

Beyond its media coverage, SDJB has received dozens of five star customer reviews, including an ongoing series of video testimonials, where gold sellers and other customers happily agree to go on video and confirm San Diego Jewelry Buyers’ reputation for trust, confidentiality, and substantial buying offers. It is SDJB’s ongoing commitment to these customers that explains its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Because San Diego Jewelry Buyers’ service to gold sellers is so well-known, some unscrupulous gold buyers have tried to mislead customers and take advantage of SDJB’s reputation. Several months ago, the company was forced to issue a press release, warning customers about gold buyers who were engaging in misleading activities, such as using the term “San Diego Jewelry Buyers” in their online ads, their website addresses, and even as the company name that they display on their websites (even though the name is legally registered to SDJB).

These kinds of practices still happen today, including gold buyers who are establishing websites and issuing press releases with deceptive material, as well as using SDJB text copy that has been slightly rewritten to avoid copyright infringement. “Unfortunately, dealing with unethical competitors is a common problem today, especially in the gold buying business,” says an SDJB spokesperson. “But at SDJB we don’t worry about it too much and instead continue to focus our attention on giving customers the best service and best prices for their gold jewelry and other luxury assets.”

According to SDJB, getting the best price for gold jewelry involves selecting a gold buyer who has the three Rs: the Right expertise, the Right business model, and the Right reputation. San Diego Jewelry Buyers has succeeded because it has over 30 years of experience in exclusively buying and selling used gold jewelry, gold coins, pre-owned diamonds, and other luxury products, during which time it has earned the trust of thousands of customers.

“Jewelry stores and ordinary pawn shops are important businesses and serve customers in valuable ways, but when it comes to selling your used gold items and other luxury products, San Diegans should look for a buyer like San Diego Jewelry Buyers, who has a long track record of purchasing second-hand luxury merchandise. Our entire reputation hinges on making our customers feel comfortable, while putting the most money in their pockets. And we feel that we’ve delivered on those promises very well.”