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Sell My Rolex San Diego: Where to Find Tips?

San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) has announced this week’s addition to its online Knowledge pages for consumers seeking to sell used jewelry, diamonds, gold, and timepieces: a list of tips and facts for sellers of used Rolex watches. “Although there are other watchmakers, such as Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin, that are more prestigious than Rolex, the popular demand for Rolexes exceeds that of any other premiere watch,” says Alan Blyler, a spokesperson for San Diego Jewelry Buyers. “Over 800,000 new Rolex watches are produced every year, and each aspect of the manufacturing process is tightly controlled, so that each Rolex is built to last a lifetime.”

It is Rolex’s enduring precision, according to SDJB, that feeds the demand for pre-owned Rolex watches. But there are certain things that consumers can do to ensure that they receive the best prices for their used Rolexes if they ever decide to sell them. For example, in SDJB’s new list of Rolex tips and facts, they advise consumers never to add non-Rolex replacement parts to their used Rolexes. In addition, consumers are advised not to refurbish the dial of a Rolex before selling it, as a Rolex with its original dial (even if it is not in pristine condition) will bring a better buying offer.

San Diego Jewelry Buyers also provides used Rolex sellers with advice if they want to try to sell Rolex watches on eBay. Due to rampant counterfeiting of Rolex watches, SDJB staff advises sellers to provide proof of where they bought their Rolex; and should the seller be concerned that a buyer is engaging in return fraud, replacing their genuine used Rolex with a fake Rolex, they should open the package at the post office in the presence of a post office official.

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