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Sell Watches: Facts from Used Watch Buyers

As San Diego’s #1 watch buyer, we here at San Diego Jewelry BuyersTM love all things about high quality timepieces Those who own Swiss watches or want to sell watches to a local buyer might find the following facts about fine mechanical timepieces interesting.

1) In 2008 a gold chronograph wristwatch by Patek Philippe called the “Trossi Leggenda” was auctioned by Sotheby’s for a record breaking $2.25 million.

2) Experts believe that the Egyptians were the first to invent watches, which estimated time by the flow of running water.

3) The first pocket watches were invented in 16th century England, and worn around the neck because they were so big.

4) Leonardo da Vinci drew a fusee (a cone-shaped pulley) for a clock. The system used in his sketch was later used in the watch industry.

5) In 1583 Galileo discovered that the speed of a pendulum swing depends on its length.

6) In 1790, Jacquet-Droz and Leschet introduced the first wristwatch in Geneva, Switzerland as a watch fixed to a bracelet.

7) The first wristwatch for men was invented by Louis Cartier, who created it for his friend Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont.

8) Breguet was the Russian Tsars’ timepiece of choice. A Breguet was also worn by Napoleon at Waterloo.

9) Sir Edmund Hilary conquered Mt. Everest in 1953 wearing a Rolex Oyster.

10) The Omega Speedmaster is the first and the only watch worn by NASA astronauts in their missions to the moon.

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