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Where to Sell Rubies – Sell Ruby Rings & Jewelry

Although this consumer article focuses on where to sell ruby jewelry in San Diego, the tips apply to selling ruby jewelry anywhere in the country.

If you want to sell ruby rings, ruby necklaces, or even loose rubies, you have several choices in San Diego: 1) You can sell ruby jewelry to a San Diego pawn shop or jewelry store; 2) You can sell ruby jewelry at an online auction website like eBay; or 3) You can sell ruby rings and other ruby jewelry to a dedicated California jewelry buyer or consignment store.

The two big questions on the mind of most people selling rubies in San Diego are: Where can I sell my ruby jewelry for the most money? And Where can I sell ruby jewelry quickly and easily? Remember both of these questions when choosing the best place to sell ruby necklaces, earrings, and ruby gemstones.

Selling Ruby Jewelry to a California Jewelry Store or Pawn Shop

A jewelry store or pawn shop is often the first place people think might be good places to sell a ruby ring and other fine jewelry. Most San Diego jewelry stores did not buy used jewelry in the past unless they were an estate jeweler. However, with today’s high gold prices, many San Diego jewelry stores are now buying gold jewelry set with rubies from the public.

You receive cash immediately when selling ruby earrings, pendants, and other fine jewelry to a San Diego jewelry store. But this cash payment may not be as much as you deserve. The typical San Diego jewelry store is in the business of selling NEW fine jewelry to buyers. Buying used ruby jewelry from the public is a secondary business practice. Most San Diego jewelry stores aren’t knowledgeable in the appraisal of previously-owned ruby jewelry and will appraise the item based on how much they think they can resell the item in their store.

The same goes for selling ruby jewelry to a San Diego pawn shop. The average San Diego pawn shop is in the business of providing collateral loans on used merchandise like musical instruments and electronic devices. Most San Diego pawn shops estimate the value of you pre-owned ruby jewelry by how much they think they can resell it within their pawn shop instead of appraising your item’s value on the global estate jewelry market.

Before you sell ruby jewelry to a California jewelry store or pawn shop, find out how much knowledge they have in estate jewelry and ask them to explain how they are estimating the value of your ruby jewelry and coming up with a cash offer. Make sure they answer your questions to your full satisfaction.

Selling Ruby Jewelry on eBay

Some people sell ruby jewelry on eBay and other online auction sites successfully and are happy with how much cash they have received. Others are not so lucky when selling ruby rings, necklaces, and brooches. Many sellers are unable to sell ruby jewelry for a fair price online because potential buyers are concerned that they will be buying fake ruby jewelry or jewelry set with low quality rubies.

The world market is full of poor quality and fake rubies that can find their way to eBay and other online auction sites. Sellers who are successful when selling ruby jewelry online tend to be those people who have sold dozens of other items at that particular website previously.
Professional jewelers usual get the best prices when selling used ruby jewelry online because buyers find them trustworthy. Professional estate jewelry sellers usually take excellent photographs of the ruby jewelry they are selling, and have online storefronts that are visited by thousands of online buyers looking to buy pre-owned fine jewelry.

The amount of time it takes to sell ruby jewelry online is another important consideration. Selling ruby jewelry on an auction website like eBay is not an option for people who need cash now because it could take over a month to receive a fair cash offer, and you might not end up with a good cash offer at all.

Selling Your Ruby Jewelry to an Estate Jewelry Buyer or San Diego Consignment Shop

When you sell ruby jewelry to a dedicated estate jewelry buyer, you receive cash today. In addition to that, an estate jeweler is in the business of buying and selling ruby jewelry from the public. They are experts in appraising the resale value of all types of precious gemstone jewelry and base their appraisal on an extensive network of individual collectors and retailers.

Because of their estate jewelry expertise, you likely will receive a better cash offer from a dedicated jewelry buyer in San Diego than you will at your neighborhood pawn shop or fine jewelers. San Diego estate jewelers also provide sellers with valuable information if you are selling antique ruby jewelry or vintage ruby jewelry-sharing with you their knowledge about ruby rings and ruby gemstones.

Selling ruby jewelry via a San Diego consignment store is likely the best way to get the most cash for your ruby jewelry if you are willing to wait. The best San Diego consignment shops for selling ruby jewelry ate those that specialize in the sale of pre-owned luxury items like diamond jewelry and designer handbags.

That is why so many people sell ruby jewelry to San Diego Jewelry Buyers. We are an A+ BBB dedicated jewelry buyer that also provides luxury consignment services through our sister company Authentic Luxury Goods. Whether you want to sell a ruby ring direct to us or sell ruby jewelry on consignment, San Diego Jewelry Buyers will help you get more cash for ruby jewelry.