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Where to Sell Sapphires – Sell Sapphire Jewelry

Note: While this article focuses on where to sell sapphire jewelry in San Diego, the advice applies to selling sapphire jewelry anywhere in the United States.

If you are looking to sell sapphire rings, sapphire necklaces, or even loose sapphires in San Diego, you have several choices: 1) You can try to sell sapphire jewelry online at a website like eBay; 2) You can try to sell sapphire jewelry to a San Diego jewelry store or pawn shop; or 3) You can sell sapphire rings and other sapphire jewelry to a dedicated San Diego jewelry buyer or consignment store.

When selling sapphires in San Diego the two primary concerns that sellers have are: Where can I sell my sapphire jewelry for the most cash? and Where can I sell sapphire jewelry in the quickest amount of time? You want to keep both of these questions in mind when choosing where to sell your sapphire rings, sapphire earrings, and other valuable sapphire jewelry.

Selling Sapphire Jewelry on eBay

Some sellers in San Diego do get good cash offers for their sapphire jewelry on eBay. But other sellers end up never being able to sell their sapphire pendants, rings, or necklaces-or they receive very low offers. The reason so many people fail to sell sapphire jewelry for a good price on eBay is because potential buyers are worried about buying imitation sapphire jewelry or jewelry set with very low quality stones.

There is a lot of imitation and poor quality sapphire jewelry in circulation, and much of that jewelry can land on eBay, despite the steps that eBay takes to protect buyers. The San Diegans who successfully sell sapphire jewelry on eBay are those sellers with an established eBay account and a long track record of positive buyer reviews.

The most successful sellers of used sapphire jewelry on eBay are those who are professional jewelers with bricks and mortar stores-as potential buyers trust these sellers the most. These business sellers also have the ability to take excellent photos of the sapphire jewelry they have for sale, and have eBay stores that are frequented by thousands of buyers looking for great deals on sapphire jewelry.

Lastly, there is the time issue. If you want extra cash right away, then selling sapphire jewelry on eBay is not your best option, as it could take weeks, or even months, to get a good cash offer and there is no guarantee that an acceptable cash offer will even materialize.

Selling Sapphire Jewelry to a San Diego Jewelry Store or Pawn Shop

When people are thinking about where to sell sapphire rings and other fine jewelry, the first place that often comes to mind is their local fine jeweler. In the past, most San Diego jewelry stores did not buy pre-owned jewelry back from the public unless they were an estate jeweler. However, with the huge surge in gold prices in recent years, many more California jewelry stores are buying previously-owned gold jewelry set with sapphires back from the public.

Unlike when selling used sapphire jewelry on eBay, you will get paid immediately when you sell sapphire necklaces, earrings, and other fine jewelry to a San Diego jewelry store. However, in many cases the amount of money you receive will not be as much cash as you deserve. The reason for this is that the average California jewelry store is in the business of selling NEW sapphire jewelry to customers. Their primary business is not buying USED sapphire jewelry back from the public. That means that the average San Diego jewelry store is not an expert on appraising the market value of pre-owned sapphire jewelry, nor do they have an expansive network of resale channels in which to sell your sapphire jewelry.

The situation is similar when selling sapphire jewelry to a San Diego pawn shop. While you will get paid immediately in cash, the typical California pawn shop is in the business of providing collateral loans on everything from guns to electronics to gold jewelry. Like the average California jewelry store, the ordinary San Diego pawn shop lacks expertise in estate jewelry appraising and resells sapphire jewelry only through its own showcases, not through an international resale network.

If you do sell sapphire jewelry to a San Diego jewelry store or pawn shop, make sure that they have many years of experience dealing with estate jewelry and ask them specifically how they are appraising the market value of your sapphire jewelry and arriving at their cash offer.

Selling Sapphire Jewelry to a Dedicated Jewelry Buyer or San Diego Consignment Store

When you sell your sapphire jewelry to a dedicated San Diego jewelry buyer, you get paid immediately in cash. So waiting for your payment is not an issue, as it is when selling sapphire jewelry on eBay. A California jewelry buyer’s primary business is the buying and selling of pre-owned sapphire jewelry and all types of estate jewelry set with diamond and precious gemstones. They are experts in appraising the value of estate jewelry (i.e. pre-owned jewelry) and they have developed an extensive network of buyers in which to resell your sapphire jewelry.

Because of their experience and expertise, you will likely get a better cash offer from a dedicated San Diego jewelry buyer than you will at an ordinary fine jewelry store or pawn shop. In addition, dedicated California jewelry buyers often are valuable resources of information if you are selling antique sapphire jewelry or vintage sapphire jewelry-sharing with you all they know about your sapphire ring, earrings, or other item.

If you don’t need a cash payment immediately, then selling your sapphire jewelry through a San Diego consignment shop is likely the best way to get the most cash for your jewelry. But you shouldn’t choose just any California consignment store to sell your sapphire jewelry. You want to deal with a San Diego consignment shop that specializes in the sale of used luxury items like fine jewelry.

Californians looking to sell sapphire jewelry often choose San Diego Jewelry Buyers because we are a well-known dedicated jewelry buyer who also offers luxury consignment services via our sister company Authentic Luxury Goods. So, whether you need cash right away, or are willing to wait a while, SDJB can get you the most cash for sapphire jewelry in San Diego.