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Which San Diego Pawnbroker Gives Big Cash Loans?

To better serve the San Diego community, San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) has announced it has increased the firm’s limit on collateral cash loans to $250,000 for customers who want to pawn diamonds, estate jewelry, fine Swiss watches, and other luxury assets.

According to SDJB president Carl Blackburn, the San Diego pawnbroker has increased its cash loan limits due to the declining accessibility of mortgage loans from traditional banking institutions. “The economy has unexpectedly put so many individuals and businesses in a tough spot right now,” says Blackburn. “Many just need a little extra cash until the economy turns the corner. We are fortunate to be in a position as luxury pawnbrokers where we can help them through this rough patch.”

Blackburn says that the benefits of SDJB’s collateral cash loans are that they do not put a customer’s credit rating at risk, and there never are any hidden fees or surprises. When a customer want to pawn jewelry, diamonds, or fine watches with SDJB, they know exactly how much monthly interest will accrue. If a loan is defaulted on, SDJB always notifies the client before selling the collateral. Cash loans begin with collateral valued at $2,500.

San Diego Jewelry Buyers also provides a high level of customer privacy. No credit check is ever required and the company never voluntarily discloses information about its clients and their transactions. Although San Diego’s leading provider of pawnbroker services, SDJB is a pawn shop like a Rolex is a wristwatch. “Our convenient downtown offices provide a welcome level of comfort, dignity, and confidentiality to our clients,” says Blackburn. “We treat them with the respect that they deserve. We’re also easier and friendlier to deal with than a bank.”

To learn more about how you can pawn gold, diamonds, and estate jewelry with SDJB, please visit or contact them at:

San Diego Jewelry Buyers
907 6th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-9603 – (800) 557-9413